Organza Floral Print Dress at Rosewholesale
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Adorable Suspender Skirt from Fashion Kawaii!! || Enter “ojouu" at checkout for a special discount!!

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Butter Ave meet up.

Outfit rundown
dress, socks and hair accessory : Angelic Pretty
blouse and shoes: Bodyline
everything else was off brand

Notes: This is probably my favorite dress right now, I really love the chiffon dresses and I’ll get more in the future.

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waiting for alto….he never showed

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I did a thing …. lol 

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18th, Jan, 2014
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Earlier this year i helped out Tony for his last project on his photo education. And here is one of the results (*´・v・) 

Photographer: Tony Ottosson
Styling: Me (Pastelbat) 

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all i wanna do is *gun shots* and a *cash register noise*

and take yo money

This is literally all I want. To be in a really kawaii bad ass girl gang. Just give me an excuse to make a nail-bat.

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hmm my weight plateaued after a while and I was really upset.. probably because I went from eating higher calorie meals one day and hardly anything the next and back and forth… but now that I’m regulating my eating I lost another 2 pounds! 

I haven’t really eaten much today so far except toast and two 100 cal snacks so hopefully I won’t get hungry until around dinner-ish (even though I’m peckish now…)

oh well as long as i have enough energy to get some work done it doesnt matter!

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